So Jamie had asked me to do 10 x 100 meters to get a baseline of what my speed is at so we know where to start my training. I’m definitely not fast (but I can probably swim faster than your grandma…maybe), but I can keep the same pace up for long time. I was swimming with the San Mateo Masters actually on Sunday when I did my time trials so this was actually over the course of 2 hours where every time I had to do a 100 meters, I’d just note the time. Figured I’d share those times:

  • 2:18
  • 2:14
  • 2:15
  • 2:25
  • 2:24
  • 2:23
  • 2:20
  • 2:14
  • 2:16
  • 2:21

They’re not necessarily in order as I did a 2:14 on my last one, which I was just glad to be done by then. šŸ˜‰ So definitely not fast, but like I said, I can be very consistent with a slower time. My friend Romy reminded me that most swimmers can’t do that over the long haul. Maybe I can do this open water swimming thing.

This is a photo of me in my swimsuit that shows the scars. I love this suit, partly for the color and mainly because it shows my surgical scars. What looks like vertical fat rolls are actually the top of the incisions and then you can see the bottom of the scars poking out from below the suit. I’m proud of them because it’s a physical sign of something very difficult that I went through, survived, and came out even stronger with a new outlook on life.

I’m still going through some small moments of panic when swimming with the San Mateo Masters. I’m not used to swimming with other people in a lane anymore and I get very paranoid about being too slow. I end up focusing on the stress of not wanting to be so damn slow compared to everyone else that I don’t focus on what I’m actually doing. All my technique and skills go right out the window. I noticed that on my own or swimming with slower people that don’t stress me out so much, I’ll do 100 yards in 1:55 – 2:00 every time. Put me in a lane with someone who is leading and doing that same exact time and all of a sudden I’m lagging seriously behind. I’m not sure what to do about that.

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