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Got a treat yesterday since Tom Reudy, the head San Mateo Masters coach lead yesterday morning’s practice. It was a lot of DPS (distance per stroke) exercises and a lot of swimming and not a lot of breaks, if any. Actually, the word “break” wasn’t in his vocubulary, but the word “continous” was all over the place (fine by me!). Yesterday’s set is below minus the last 1000 that I didn’t get to because I didn’t know about it and he ends practice for everyone as soon as the schedule says so. He is very good at scheduling workouts, keeping tabs on who is where on the program, and working with all the different lane speeds. If I had known the last 1000, I’d have done it in another lane afterwards (2 x (2 x (25 DPS / 25 kick), 400 pull)). Took awhile before I could let it go since I’d have loved to have finished that workout also. Here’s the workout:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 300 warm-up 300 300
2 x 100 50 DPS / 50 swim 200 500
2 x 100 50 kick / 50 swim 150
(Tom made us stop)
4 x 75 25 DPS / 25 kick / 25 swim 300 950
6 x 50 pull
1/3/5 – breathe every 3rd stroke
2/4/6 – breathe every 5th stroke
300 1250
2 x 200 2 x (25 DPS / 25 kick)
100 swim
400 1650
2 x 300 2 x (25 DPS / 25 kick)
200 swim
600 2250
2 x 400 2 x (25 DPS / 25 kick)
300 swim
800 3050

I talked to Jamie yesterday since I hadn’t gotten my revised workout schedule from him. He said that he sent it earlier this week so I’m glad that I called him! I also got to ask him for recommendations on the heart monitor to get. I placed an order this morning for the Polar FT1 which he recommended. I bought it online instead of in a store even though I want it sooner rather than later because at least through one site, I could specify the chest strap size for it. I’m curious to see what my heart rate will be since I’m rarely out of breath and rarely feel like I’m really pushing it while swimming. I also went ahead and ordered a Swimsense Performance Monitor (even better, Jamie can provide an offer code for 30% off as they’re one of his sponsors!). THIS I desparately need because if anything, I’m a daydreamer. It’s one thing that I love about swimming as I can think whatever I want, but that’s bad when I’m supposed to be doing something like counting how many laps I’ve done. I use some mental tricks to try and keep track of what I’m doing, but it doesn’t always work. I bought some Osmo Active Hydration also that he recommended. He invited me to a couple of his upcoming swims, which I’m really excited about! The first one will be tricky since I fly out to my sister’s that night, but the second one is on a Saturday that I can definitely do. Can’t wait!

Today’s workout was the first one that was a Jamie-tailored one for me which involves swimming a “pyramid” with 30 seconds of rest inbetween and focusing on being consistent with the strokes per lap. Here’s this morning’s workout:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 100 swim 100 100
1 x 200 swim 200 300
1 x 300 swim 300 600
1 x 400 swim 400 1000
1 x 500 swim 500 1500
1 x 600 swim 600 2100
1 x 500 swim 500 2600
1 x 400 swim 400 3000
1 x 300 swim 300 3300
1 x 200 swim 200 3500
1 x 100 swim 100 3600

Pretty easy, except for my mind wandering off and me losing count a couple of times. I managed to be pretty consistent with about 25 strokes which means that I travel about one yard per stroke. I’d like to cut that down, but that’ll happen over time of course. I couldn’t really keep track of the times though since the large clock is currently being fixed at the pool. The timer ones that we use for Masters weren’t on when I first started swimming. Today wasn’t a day to really focus on my time. I was glad though that my left ankle wasn’t hurting as it started getting sore during Wednesday’s swim and was still a bit sore during yesterday’s swim. Funny that it wasn’t sore while walking around, just when swimming. Looks like I avoided an injury after all. 🙂 I think it may have just gotten sore on Wednesday from trying to crank through that workout in a timely manner.

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