What’s a “recovery” day?

I swam my first set of 20 minute continuous swims yesterday. I should have asked Jamie beforehand on what to do if I get to the starting wall before the 20 minutes is up. Each time I had about 35 – 40 seconds left which wasn’t enough time for me to do another 50. I called him afterwards (as he asked me to) and he said to just do the other 50 and go slightly over the 20 minute mark.  I didn’t count the first 20 minute yardage, but the second and third were 950 yards so the first one was probably the same. Wishing I had just done another 50 for each one as that would have given me an even 3000 yards yesterday.

He was happy to hear that I didn’t have any soreness or anything tightening up while I was swimming. I told him I could have done another 20 minutes (at least) but he said that we need to make me a stronger swimmer and not just work on my endurance. Fair enough! I thought I swam a consistent 2:00 / 100 yards so not sure where the extra 20 – 25 seconds was coming from in my 950 yards. If I was consistent, the 950 yards would have been in 19 minutes.

We talked about my habitual daydreaming. He said it’s a good and bad thing. Good that I can get my mind off of what I’m doing as that’s important for these long swims, bad that I can forget to check in with myself and losing track.  My Swimsense watch is getting shipped to my sister’s so I should have it by Christmas.  For 7 – 10 business days delivery, it was cutting it close to my departure date for the holidays.

We lightly discussed my diet too. He said that he didn’t want me losing too much weight right now so encouraged me to have some empty calories via beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker these days, but told him to swap that out for wine and we have a deal.  I also told him that I love food too much.  Really, without exercising like I do already, I’d be overweight easily.  I could stand to lose about a pound around my lower belly.

My friend Barry helped me find a pool in Pasadena to swim at on my weekends down there. 🙂  Definitely excited about that since the pools at 24 Hour Fitness suck. They’re small, some are pretty ghetto, and some have the majority of people just fucking around in them instead of lap swimming (don’t go to the one on Ocean Ave in SF).  Plus I really prefer swimming outside!  For $10/day, I’ll gladly pay the Aquatics Center in Pasadena for a real lap swimming pool and environment.

Today I’m supposed to take the day off from any and all exercise. What the…?  Jamie said that recovery days are just as important to become a stronger athlete. Okay, I spent way too many years figure skating as a child and the concept of a day off was nonexistent.  My lightest day was 2 hours and the rest of the week was 6 hours. Stronger skater? Not really. 4’11” and 75 pounds? Definitely.  Anyway, so today I’m going to do a light workout at the gym and maybe burn off one of those Italian lemon ricotta donuts I had for dessert last night. Let’s ignore the fact that there are 3 or 4 more in my fridge.

Ordered a second Tyr 2-piece racing suit too, this time in black. 🙂  Not sure why I don’t want to wear my 1-piece racing suits, but probably because the new one isn’t stretched out yet and I’m too lazy to go through the pain of it.

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