Emergency Kit Needed

Oh yeah I keep forgetting to mention that Jamie said on Saturday that training schedule-wise, I’m ahead of someone who did the length of Tahoe last year and didn’t have much swimming experience prior to his Tahoe crossing. This felt really good and gave me the confidence that with Jamie’s guidance, I’ll easily be able to swim the 11 miles in August. Of course with my planning nature, I’m starting to wonder what I’m going to want to do after August’s swim. 🙂 Yeah yeah, let’s get my butt across Tahoe’s width first.

Learned an almost hard lesson this morning. Right before I got to the pool, I had a thought pop into my head of if I ever grabbed my goggles from my bathroom. Pretty sure I hadn’t. Eek! Got into the lockerroom, and yup, forgot my goggles. Asked Cindy if there was a spare pair laying around and she said no, but to check with the lifeguards. The lifeguards luckily had a pair and the girl told me to just remember to bring them back. No problem since I don’t like keeping stuff that isn’t mine. I was just glad that I didn’t have to drive all the way home! Made a mental note to put a spare pair of goggles and swim cap in my car in case this ever happens again. Of course that running around made my warm-up shorter than I’d like, but at least I got 200 yards in before the set began.

I finished this morning’s set, but I had to finish it from a non-Masters lane since other people had jumped in my lane for the 7 AM practice. At least today’s workout was simple enough and I was far enough along into it that I could remember the last 700 yards that I had to do. I feel a lot better when I get to actually finish the workout!

An interesting observation I made hwen I was finishing my set and therefore in a lane that I could see one of the digital clocks a lot better…my times per 50 yards are almost exact or within 1 second of each other when I’m swimming like I’m doing a DPS exercise. I found that really odd. I may have to just swim like I’m doing DPS in order to get my times to be more consistent per lap. I think it’s because for a DPS, I’m focusing on each stroke and taking my time to maximize each one so it’s a more natural steady rhythm to it.

Tracked my Swimwear watch since it shipped. Turns out it shipped from San Leandro so if I had it sent to my house, I’d have gotten it within a couple of days. D’oh! I didn’t know though, but oh well. I’ll have it soon enough. I got my Osmo Hydration stuff, but haven’t tried it yet.

Not sure if I’m swimming tomorrow or what my schedule the rest of the week is, but hopefully I’ll hear from Jamie today. I have a couple of other things that I need to talk with him about and wrote them down so I don’t forget when I do talk to him.

Today’s workout:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 200 warm up 200 200
1 x 200 choice 200 400
2 x 100 2 x (25 DPS / 25 swim) 200 600
3 x 200 swim 600 1200
2 x 50 kick 100 1300
3 x 200 swim 600 1900
2 x 50 kick 100 2000
4 x 200 pull 800 2800
2 x 50 kick 100 2900
5 x 200 swim 1000 3900
2 x 50 kick 100 4000
1 x 200 swim 200 4200
1 x 200 cool down 200 4400
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