Swimming Blind

Swimming blind this week since I don’t have an official training schedule this week, but making the best of it. I know Jamie is super busy and I’m the least of things that he should be paying attention to, but we’re far enough out from my swim that I don’t have to hit the training path that hard (yet). Plus he had said that I was in better shape than a guy he trained last year for a Tahoe length crossing and we have more time before my swim. I texted Jamie on Tuesday that I’ll just do Masters on Wednesday and Thursday and then over the weekend, if I don’t hear from him before then, I’ll come up with something based on the sets he had created for me before.

Monday was Masters which I already posted that schedule. For Tuesday, I had texted Jamie what my workout would be and he said to do 8 x 400, which I happily complied with (along with a 200 yard cool down). Wednesday I skipped Masters since I had crappy broken sleep the night before (woke up at 1 AM, then 2 AM which I was then awake for at least an hour) which I could have dragged myself to the pool, but it would have been a bit of a waste of energy in my opinion. Today I was back in the pool for Masters. This workout was on the shorter side (mostly because I didn’t read the board correctly towards the end so should have done another 1 x 150 yards for each last set and there was a 4 x 50 DPS early on that I seriously can’t remember if I did or not so I don’t want to credit myself for them since I’m not sure). It was an intense workout though under Tom’s guidance this morning. During the last sets, he said that he wanted the interval times to decrease by 5 seconds each. I told him that if he wants me to do that, I’m going to have to get a different body. 🙂 I’m not sure of the actual time, but it was less than an hour and a half for me to complete this. I’m curious now to get more accurate times for some of these workouts to see if I’m really faster than I was when I was in college.

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 450 warm-up 450 450
1 x 300 50 kick / 50 swim 300 750
4 x 50 kick 200 950
1 x 300 50 DPS / 50 swim 300 1250
1 x 300 pull 300 1550
3 x 100 pull 300 1850
6 x 50 pull 300 2150
1 x 300 swim 300 2450
3 x 100 swim 300 2750
6 x 50 swim 300 3050
2 x 150 100 swim / 50 kick 300 3350
2 x 150 100 pull / 50 kick 300 3650

Very interesting note from this morning..my times for a 50 yd pull were consistently faster (by a good 5 seconds) than my 50 yd free. WTF?

I picked up my first ever heart rate monitor at the post office today! Can’t wait to use it (but more excited about my SwimSense watch which I should have next weekend!).

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