Getting My Groove Back!

Talked with Janet Manning yesterday afternoon.  She’s great with pep talks! Luckily she was driving so couldn’t answer my text so she called instead.  She was on her way to pick up a snake (that’s another story…she’s afraid of them though) and send me a photo of her holding the snake with this big grin on her face with the caption “Nate says keep sssssswimming!”  Definitely made me laugh. 🙂

This morning it was 41 F so of course I was back in the pool. I decided to do a 600 pyramid (3600 yd total) followed by 6 x 100 yard pulls alternating between breathing on the 3rd and 5th strokes and then a 1 x 200 yd cool down. Total of 4400 yards. I decided to forget about times and just focus on trying to get swimming again. 

I was thinking too of how my friend Kyle was going in for hip replacement surgery this morning. He had said that I was inspiring to him since he saw what I went through with my hip dysplasia surgeries.  I talked to him via text last night and gave him some tips for recovery time and said I’ll check in with him in a couple of days.  When I had my hip surgeries, I didn’t want to see anyone except my boyfriend at the time.  Physical therapists were the bottom of the list since they were going to make me do horrible things like get to the edge of the bed or worse, get out of bed.  Thinking about him getting ready for his surgery took me back to my own and thinking of how far I’ve come since then and what I went through.  I was in a lot of pain, totally drugged up, hurt every time I moved, didn’t want to move, had to rely on other people to do just about anything, wasn’t sleeping well, nauseous A LOT, rarely hungry, and the only thing I really wanted to do was roll over on my side (definitely not an option). And on top of that, I was BORED in the hospital. So drugged I couldn’t really focus on reading and there wasn’t much on tv that was interesting me. Tried to watch movies on a laptop but I’d fall asleep about half an hour, if that, into them. Anyway, knowing Kyle was going into the OR this morning made me glad that I was in a pool instead of the OR.  In a way too, it’s cool to know someone else who is also now going through hip surgeries also and I can help him with his recovery.

The start of my swim was total crap though as I was wondering WTF am I doing out here? I kept trying to quiet the voice in my head that just wanted to go home. Thinking about my conversations with Janet and Kyle getting ready to head to CPMC…during the first 500 yd in the pyramid, I finally started feeling like I wanted to be swimming again! (Btw, the 500 yd starts 1000 yds into it since I already would have done 100, 200, 300, and 400 yds.)  I also had Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “All I Want” stuck in my head since I was listening to it on the drive this morning.  Forgiving myself on times, I didn’t care this morning as I just continued focusing on getting the feeling back of being proud and happy with what I’m doing.

Can’t wait for Masters tomorrow morning! 🙂

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2 Responses to Getting My Groove Back!

  1. Janet says:

    You are stronger than you think. You can get over these speed bumps. We all hit ’em once in a while. Nate thinks you are sssssuper:-)

    • kprebil says:

      Thanks Janet! I think you are right that I am stronger than I think. I am hoping in 2013 that I will realize it also and truly become that person. 🙂

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