Fish Can Fly

Ironic that when picking today’s clothes, I selected my white “Fish Can Fly” t-shirt (more info: here). It’s a shirt that U2’s Bono designed to help raise money for Wildlife Conservation Society and the Conservation Cotton Initiative. It’s meaning is that tomorrow can be better than today and that change is happening before our very eyes. And in addition to me at least…anything is possible.

Today was my first day back in the pool after a 9 day hiatus, mostly due to being out in Delaware at my sister’s house for Christmas. Yesterday I went skiing with my friend Anita at Northstar, which was my first post-surgeries skiing. The hips held up great! I don’t think anyone (including myself) would have been able to tell that I had 2 hip surgeries in the last 2 years. It felt really good to be skiing again, and I’ve missed skiing. Thanks to swimming (and some stationery cycling), my legs were in pretty good shape so my quads were a bit sore this morning, but nothing like I’ve felt in the past on the day after skiing.

While at my sister’s, I got my Finis Swimsense watch! I had it shipped out there since the Finis website said 7 – 10 days for delivery which I didn’t want to deal with the CF that is known as any shipping pick-up place around Christmas or worse, having my Swimsense watch sitting outside my door while I was out of town.

So today was my first day back in the pool and did a Masters workout. I got there early which enabled me to do a longer-than-normal warm-up (not necessarily by choice but Cindy said we were warming up until 7:25 AM and I had already done 500 meters so I did another 100 meters, which beat sitting around getting “cold” in the water). Sundays are always really lite traffic-wise in the pool so for the most part I had an entire lane to myself. I did get some feedback from Cindy today on my stroke (left arm shouldn’t start to stroke until my head is back down after breathing). I worked on that along with Tom’s instructions from 1.5 weeks ago of keeping my arms in line with my shoulders while stroking. Those two items were today’s focus, along with a minor focus on kicking technique during the 1 x 400 kick (thanks Cindy!). Jamie said that he would love to help me with my stroke so I’m hoping to be able to schedule a time with him sooner rather than later to get a stroke lesson in with him.

I am very proud of today’s workout. Not only was it my first day back in the pool, but I also made sure to work on my stroke the entire time, think I figured out a couple of mental tricks that work to help my body maintain the technique, and at 5600 meters, it is my longest that I have ever swum freestyle (crawl). I did give myself a little treat though and my cooldown was backstroke. 🙂 It felt weird yet familiar to do any backstroke again. 5600 meters is equivalent to 6124 yards or 3.48 miles.

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 600 warm-up 600 600
1 x 200 2 x (50 swim / 50 drill) 200 800
1 x 200 2 x (50 swim / 50 kick) 200 1000
1 x 500 swim 500 1500
1 x 250 2.5 x (50 swim / 50 drill) 250 1750
1 x 250 2.5 x (50 swim / 50 kick) 250 2000
1 x 400 swim 400 2400
1 x 200 2 x (50 swim / 50 drill) 200 2600
1 x 200 2 x (50 swim / 50 kick) 200 2800
1 x 500 pull 500 3300
1 x 400 kick 400 3700
1 x 500 swim 500 4200
2 x 250 swim 500 4700
1 x 400 swim 400 5100
2 x 200 swim 400 5500
1 x 100 cooldown 100 5600

My friend Janet and I configured out Swimsense watches while on the phone with each other. I’m going to play with mine in the pool tomorrow. Pool opens at 5:30 AM, but Masters workout isn’t starting until 7:00 AM so I’ll do my own thing for the first 1.5 hours and then do a half hour or so of the Masters workout and then go to work. I really don’t want to be at work until 8 PM because I didn’t get there until 10 AM or later!

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