Squirrels Are Smart? Since when?

[Note: Let me quickly explain the post title: I sometimes, a lot of the time, will completely forget something right after you tell me. My brain has a lot of useless information in it though and I can’t seem to select what I remember or forgot whether it’s long-term or short-term memory. I forgot something right after talking with Jamie the other night and texted him saying that I have the brain of a squirrel…to which he replied asking if I knew that squirrels are actually the smartest animals on the planet. ;)]

Quick update since I’m now on Jamie’s workout plan for me and not swimming with the San Mateo Masters for the time being. After just a few days of doing Jamie’s workouts for me, I’m more tired (and eating more I noticed) than when swimming on my own or with the Masters group. Masters gets me tired for the time being with the intervals and pushing myself to do something like 100 yards “fast” (haha). Looking at the schedule for the week, I’ve already swum about 15,000 yards with antoher 12,000 to do over the next 2 days! Eek!

On Monday, I did a simple 600 meter pyramid since the pool was set up LCM (Long Course Meters) so 3600 meters total.

Tuesday was when I started doing Jamie’s workouts. I did 3 x 20 minutes with 4 minutes rest in between. I was using my Swimsense watch so I didn’t count laps, but it said I did 2700 meters, which was a bit confusing when it said that I had done 1050 meters during the second set I was alternating breathing so that should have been less distance than the 800 meters it said I did during the first set.

Wednesday I tried out the Swimsense again with the plan for me was to do the following:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 1500 swim 1500 1500
1 x 1400 swim 1400 2900
1 x 1300 swim 1300 4200
1 x 1200 swim 1200 5400

Every 5th lap was to be going across the pool kicking but with the arms straight in front and head above water (or at least your eyes).

Unfortunately the plan didn’t actually materialize.

I started off the first 1500 relying on the Swimsense watch to keep track of the overall yardage for me. After I had done what I counted to be 425 yards, I looked at the watch and it said I had only done 300 yards. Er…okay. I thought maybe I counted wrong. I stopped counting myself and checked in with it every now and then. I glanced once and it said 1000 yards. After the next flipturn it still said 1000 and the flipturn after that and after that. I stopped and the watch was paused. I figured I must have hit the button during a fipturn or something. For the next 400 yards I decided to keep an eye on it. THAT is when I noticed that it wasn’t incrementing on each flipturn. I finished the remaining 400 yards and then did a few filpturns at the wall to get the total to be back at 1500 yards. For the next 1400 and 1300, I noticed to my horror that the watch wasn’t incrementing all the time. I had to stop at least once every 100 yards and do 3 -5 flipturns to get the increment to happen. As you can imagine, this was VERY frustrating. One time it was 25 yards apart when I had to stop and work on getting it to increment. Between the 1400 adn 1300 yards, I forgot to pause the watch and noticed while I was just hanging off the wall that it incremented to 2925 yards. *rolls eyes* During the 1300, I got to 1100 yards and had just about enough on the umpteenth time of this watch not incrementing. I didn’t even finish the set. I got out. I called Jamie and left him a voicemail venting about the watch. It was just a huge disappointment. I talked to him later and he said to not worry about the watch and don’t use it again until I get together with him. Okay fine. 🙂

Jamie sent me an eamil that had something very important in it: “Do not get frustrated at anything. This journey is about overcoming obstacles. When something does not go right look at it as an opportunity not a road block.” I’m sure this is not the last time that I’m going to get really frustrate with something, but I also know that later on I’ll look at it, laugh, and say “Yeah I was really pissed back then..funny, huh?” 😉

Today I did a nice easy :

Interval Description Subtotal Total
4 x 1000 swim 4000 4000

I focused on breathing out before drinking water inbetween sets. I focused on keeping my upper body relaxed while swimming. The gas line that feeds the pool heaters was having issues. I talked with Jamie last night and he said that the water won’t drop to air temperature so don’t worry about it and just make the best of it. He said to call him after I was done. Since I didn’t call him a minute after getting there, pretty obvious that I completed the whole set. 🙂 Water temperature was 77 F which is fine with me. Heck, if this could happen more often and they drop it steadily to match Lake Tahoe’s temperature in mid-August, that’d be even better! I doubt that I’ll convince them to do that though. 🙂

Got a totally doable swim set tomorrow and then a big one on Saturday (8 x 20 minute swim which will be about 8000 yards! My longest dinstance ever!). Totally stoked about the even bigger set the following weekend since I didn’t know this at first, but Jamie and I are going to do it together! 🙂 Can’t wait!

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