K+ and Mg+2 Are My New Best Friends

Hit the pool today for a “reverse pyramid” (as I call it) with 1 L of coconut water (super high in K+) and 1 L of Osmo Hydration (high in Mg+2) and some pasta. Today’s set was:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 1000 swim 1000 1000
1 x 900 swim 900 1900
1 x 800 swim 800 2700
1 x 700 swim 700 3400
1 x 800 swim 800 4200
1 x 900 swim 900 5100
1 x 1000 swim 1000 6100

Spent some time wondering if I was totally nuts for wanting to do this 11-mile swim and did I really want to do it.  I really do, but just need to fight the small part of me that says “hey, you could be sleeping until 7 AM every day and just have a normal life, ya know?”  That would be kind of boring though.  I want to at least do this swim and hey, who knows what’ll happen after that. Just need to keep my eye on the prize. Jamie has told me about the incredible feeling when you see the beach get closer and closer when you get to the finish, and I really want to experience that too. 🙂

Instead of trying to eat 3 – 4 pieces of pasta, I stuck to 2 pieces between sets. This worked way better for my stomach.  Didn’t have any feelings of pasta bouncing around my stomach and no trouble getting myself to eat either. Think this is a better way to go with smaller amounts of food.

I drank some coconut water at home with breakfast to start off with a surplus of potassium. Drank 250 mL during each 3 minute rest and alternated for the most part between the two liquids during my swim. This worked very well for my electrolyte level and my brain.  I think I’m figuring out a combination that works. 🙂  I also had a banana waiting for me in my backpack for my post-swim snack.  Right now I’m feeling pretty darn normal (for me) so I couldn’t be happier!

Cindy, the Assistant Masters Coach, came by my lane during my workout to say “hi” and that my stroke looked better. 🙂 Pretty cool that she was watching even thoug I wasn’t doing the Masters workout and was actually on the opposite end of the pool than them.

Told one of my best friends, Maurice, that K+ and Mg+2 were my new best friends.  He said he was hurt that he’d been knocked down by a couple of elements. Heehee 😉

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