Not Going Postal

This Saturday my pool is doing something called a “1 Hour Postal Swim” where people are going to see how many yards they can swim in 60 minutes. Never planned on doing it since I don’t like racing or seeing how many yards I can do in a given amount of time. I don’t like that kind of stress. Funny that I’d rather swim across Lake Tahoe than see how many miles I can swim in an hour in a pool. Felt a little bad though that I’m not doing it when I was talking to Cindy, SMM’s Assistant Coach and she said that it would have been good for SMM if I was doing it. I was touched and figured that she said that since she knows that I’d rather do one long distance swim than a bunch of smaller intervals. Not a lot of the guys show up to weekend practices either whe the pool is set up LCM. I told her that my open water coach has other plans for me on Saturday…namely a total of 10 x 20 minute swims which will put me at about 10,000 yards that day (aka my longest swim distance in a single day ever!).

Speaking of my open water swim coach…I finally met him in person on Tuesday. That probably sounds really funny. Chatting on Facebook, email, phone, and text messages for the last several weeks to someone that lived right across the bay from me and I finally meet him! Jamie is even more awesome in person though. I can’t really describe accurately what it was like meeting him, but he’s really cool and you’ll have to take my word on that. He likes to give real hugs as much as he likes to say the word over text. 😉 In some ways too it was like being with a celebrity. One guy just asked him for a picture of just Jamie and a couple of other people came to quickly chat with him. I suppose that’s what it was like with my Uncle Matt (who was a very famous bull runner during San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain) but I was too young to realize or notice that people were always flocking to him at corridas and in Pamplona, but on a smaller scale. My dad remembers times when it would take them an hour just to walk one block with him, but to me, he was just my Uncle Matt who used to tell awesome stories, do a couple of magic tricks, and we’d be climbing all over every time we saw him.

Anyway…Jamie said that if he doesn’t get the permit for whatever reason for the Myrtle Huddleston swim in August, then we’ll just get one for me so I can at least do the swim that we’re training me for. 🙂 Either way it’s going to happen!

Ordered fins finally so I could use them whenever Jamie’s got me scheduled for another kicking session. My set for Tuesday was:

Interval Description Subtotal Total
20 x 100 kick w/ board 2000 2000
5 x 100 kick w/o board 500 2500

The second set was supposed to be with fins, but since I didn’t have any, I did it without a board and without fins. It was supposed to be 10 x 100 also, but without fins, I made an executive decision to cut that in half. I had gone shopping for fins the night before and was surprised to find that stores had everything else you would need for swimming but training fins. I wasn’t about to use my scuba ones either, which aren’t made to wear on just your naked foot anyway.

Wednesday’s set was a super easy 3400 yards that went by very quickly. The reason for the short yardage is in preparation for this Saturday’s swim so keep my body moving, but don’t overexert it since Saturday is going to be tough on my body. I drank 500 mL of Osmo Nutrition and a can of coconut water before heading to pool since Jamie texted me on Tuesday saying that he wanted me to drink 1 L of electrolytes before starting to swim.

Interval Description Subtotal Total
1 x 25 swim 25 25
1 x 50 swim 50 75
1 x 75 swim 75 150
1 x 100 swim 100 250
1 x 125 swim 125 375
1 x 150 swim 150 525
1 x 175 swim 175 700
1 x 200 swim 200 900
1 x 225 swim 225 1125
1 x 250 swim 250 1375
1 x 275 swim 275 1650
1 x 300 swim 300 1950
1 x 325 swim 325 2275
1 x 350 swim 350 2625
1 x 375 swim 375 3000
1 x 400 swim 400 3400

Cindy come over during my set asking me why wasn’t I swimming with them. I told her that my open water coach had different plans for me this week. I talked to her later and she was concerned that I had quit Masters and it was something that they did. I assured that that isn’t the case at all as I really love swimming with them! If I wasn’t training for my open water swim, I’d definitely still be swimming with them. However, since I am working towards something and Jamie’s coaching me, I do whatever he wants me to do. 🙂

Got an easy 40 x 100 yards scheduled for tomorrow morning. Can’t wait until Saturday. Jamie and I are going to spend half an hour working on my stroke and then we’ll swim together for the rest of the time. He’ll obviously be lapping me left and right, but it’s not a competition. Just really honored and excited to be swimming with him in the same pool! Need to work out some logistics though since that pesky Postal Swim on Saturday limits my pool’s availability in the morning and most other pools not opening until 10 AM or NOON (looking at you Stanford..really, wtf? Noon??). Will probably pool hop that day since my pool is LMC (yah!) all Saturday afternoon. Either way though, with Jamie there, I definitely won’t be having a repeat of what happened last Saturday…

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