Oh not much, just a brisk 8000 yards swim before work ;)

8000 yards!! OH. MY. SCIENCE. (btw, I stole that “oh my science” from my friend Jesse Silver, a devoted atheist and one of the smartest guys I know) I was the first in the pool this morning just after 5:30 AM. Had my small arsenal of 2 x 2 L and 1 x 500 mL bottles of electrolyte-friendly hydration (1.5 L of Osmo Hydration and 1 L of organic coconut water) along with a bag of boiled potatoes and a bag of 3 organic fruit/nut/seed bars (high in calories so it’s a good way to get that into me along with the fact that I just love their taste and texture). Didn’t worry about times at all and just focused on keeping my body relaxed, but trying to keep what good form I have.

What does one occupy her brain with during 10 x 800 yards of swimming? Well I don’t have a waterproof mp3 player and there were a couple of songs stuck in my head. Sometimes I just let my mind go totally blank, which is bad when I forget what lap I’m on. I do get a bit disappointed in myself when I tell myself that I’m going to focus on keeping track of what I’m on (this is usually right after I’ve forgotten what I’m doing). Yeah that brain that got into and graduated from Cornell University, UCLA’s honors program for math and science, a BS in Physics (including a graduate class in semiconductors), and pulled off full-time work with part-time graduate school on a quarter system (still graduating in 2 years) had trouble counting to 800 in increments of 50 sometimes. As my 8th grade homeroom/math/science teacher said once…”Kelley will do all the hard stuff right and then screw up the addition part of the problem.” Where was I? Oh yeah, ways that I entertain myself while swimming long distance. I thought about my nieces and nephew and about my gazillion cousins in Chicago that I miss so much. I’m really close with my family in Chicago and it was the biggest reason why I had wanted to go to University of Chicago so I could be closer to them. Cornell worked though as I’d usually fly through Chicago and stop off to spend a couple of days with them going either direction. My cousin Kristi there is pregnant right now and I can’t wait until her baby shower and then meeting the little guy or girl. I already sent her a little pig onesie that we saw at the Ferry Building when she was here and I told her that I’d buy it for her when she gets pregnant. I also thought about my OW training sister, Janet Manning, who was out in Maryland doing her longest swim ever also (14 x 20 minutes, which for her is over 18,000 yards!) at the same time. It was cool knowing someone else was swimming at the exact same time as you and both of you are working towards a mutual goal of swimming your longest open water distance ever (but hers is the length of Tahoe..22 miles!). I also thought about this one saying that Janet had actually posted on Facebook that had Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on a dock and said “Just ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” That’s exactly how I feel.

After my 9th 800 yds, I got kicked out of my lane for a swim lesson. Was talking with one of the lifeguards who was asking what yardage was I up to. The other one said that he hadn’t seen me stop at all. I did take my usual 3 minute breaks, but yeah, I had been in the pool for over 3 hours at that point. I settled into another lane and did my final 800 yards.

I had a very very slight headache when exiting, but absolutely nothing like when I had done to myself a few weeks ago. I think that started somewhere around the 7th one, but can’t be certain. At the end of it though, could I have kept going? Yeah. I didn’t feel exhausted or totally wiped out. My right bicep was a teeensy bit sore, but otherwise I felt totally fine. Munched on some freeze-dried bananas on my way to work and almost totally back to normal, at least normal for me. πŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to Oh not much, just a brisk 8000 yards swim before work ;)

  1. mani says:

    If you’re able to focus on your memories while swimming, then that’s a good stage to be as a swimmer Kelley. Rad! πŸ™‚

    • kprebil says:

      haha! Thanks Mani! I do a lot of thinking and self-reflection and whatnot while swimming, and well, whenever. My brain is always going!

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