Are You Going To Drink All That?

Been back swimming really since last Saturday. Last Thursday I had done a weird workout of 400 yds swim, 20 x 100 yds kick, 500 yds swim. I wasn’t intending to do the 2 swim intervals, but I missed swimming so figured I could get away with it. Plus it helped to figure out if my hips were okay. Totally were.  I told Jamie that everything felt fine, and that I wanted to try the last set of long weekend workouts that didn’t happen (4 x 1000 yds and 3 x 1650 yds). He said to go for it. 

I was in LA last weekend so this was going to be at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, which isn’t my favorite place to swim (let’s face it, CSM’s pools rock with the extra-wide lanes, totally open schedule, lane markers that I can actually use to see how far away the wall is, and even the deck is ridiculously spacious), but it’ll do.  I pulled off the 4 x 1000 yds with relative ease in the bath-water-temperature pool, except being kicked out of my lane FOUR times (I hate their lane/class/etc schedule) and some dude who jumped in my lane to split despite 4 other lanes next to mine being available.  I forgot to hydrate beforehand and was paying for it during the first set already.  I was being a bit stubborn though and finished even though my brain wasn’t exactly thrilled with the rest of me.

I fully intended to do the second workout on Sunday, but I ended up only getting about 3 hours of sleep. I could have dragged my sorry ass through it, but it would have been a dismal embarrassing performance. Live to swim it another day.

Jamie’s sick this week so I’m left to my own crazy devices to come up with a workout schedule. I basically sent him an email about it with “any objections?”  Yesterday was a 5 x 1000 yds which was uneventful aside from the fact that I was really into it and it felt awesome the entire time.  I hydrated beforehand, but no food during the swim.

Today was a “reverse pyramid” of 6100 yds starting with a 1000 yds swim stepping down by 100 yds to a 700 yds and then stepping up by 100 yds to 1000 yds. Three minutes rest inbetween which gives me enough time to hydrate and eat a little bit.  7 x 250 mL of liquid needed so I had 2 x 1 L bottles (1 coconut water, 1 Osmo Hydration) and my bag of homemade cranberry/pecan/flaxseed energy bars.  A fellow swimmer I see every day asked me in the locker room if I was going to drink all of that. Yes. She loves long distance sets too (although not sure the extent of her swimming, but she swims every day and is damn fast) and I explained to her what hydrate/eat routine Jamie has me on.  I don’t think she does open water swimming based though since all of this was foreign to her. 

Noticed I’ve lost some speed in the last couple of weeks, which I’ll get back. I was determined to finish this workout though even though it was taking me longer than I planned. Swim, drink, eat, repeat.  I really didn’t mind. 😉  Only bad thing during the workout was that I had a Lady Gaga song that was playing in the locker room beforehand stuck in my head eventually. I have never wanted an underwater case for my ipod so badly in my life!  Eventually I’ll get one. I can stand songs that I like being stuck in my head for hours on end while swimming, but not when something else invades my brain. Grr!  Totally working on eradicating that song out of my memory right now as I type this.

Tomorrow I’m planning on an easy 20 x 100 kick w/ board and 10 x 100 kick w/ fins (no board) tomorrow. Taking Friday off to rest. Saturday will be a 6 x 20 minutes swim in the AM and then 4 x 20 minutes swim in the PM.  Long course meters! Should be about 8400 meters (5.2 miles) by the time I’m done with it! It’ll be the longest I’ve ever swum in a single day and totally looking forward to it!

Yes, I know I’m crazy but I thought we already established that within the first 5 minutes of you meeting me.

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