8 KM and counting!

Lots of improvements happening lately! Working out with Tom has been extremely beneficial.  My times are dropping for the first time since I started swimming again last summer, and it’s all due to my stroke improvement! Tom congratulated me the other day on my hard work. 🙂  I used to be a steady 2:00 / 100 yards and now doing them on about 1:45 / 100 yards without much effort. My fastest time has been 1:42 which I’ve done a few times. I’m fairly confident that I can get it down to a solid 1:40.  That would mean that I’m 10 seconds faster than the leader in my initially assigned Masters lane as she does 1:50 / 100 yards. I’d get to move up a lane and be (as my friend Romy says) in the middle of the pack. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m improving!  Just 4 months ago, I couldn’t have swam a 1:55 / 100 yds without sprinting it and being wiped out afterwards.

Of course those times are also my short distance / workout times. For my longer swims, I’m still doing closer to 2:00 / 100 yards, but I’m also conserving energy as I’m going farther with less breaks.  However, now that my Finis Swimsense watch is working fine and I can upload the data for review (hence knowing my splits now), I can see that my times are improving even on my longer swims. Two Sundays ago I swam 6 KM with an average 2:18 / 100 meters and yesterday I swam 8 KM (!!) with an average just under 2:17 / 100 meters. 2 KM farther and an average over a second faster on my splits? Awesome! 🙂  My left bicep started hurting a bit around 5 KM and my right arm was sore during the last 1 KM.  Luckily Amado had some muscle recovery cream that I used afterwards. I’d have just let it go afterwards, but it’s really nice to have someone around who can help out with stuff like that. 🙂

The last several days have been really good for my swimming. In addition to those 2 long swims, I swam a 7 KY on Wednesday and 3650 yds on Thursday with the San Mateo Masters. Oh yeah, on Thursday Ann, the oldest SMM swimmer (90+ years old!) Joined me in the lane. It is the slowest lane, which I’ve been swimming in since no one else was using it on Thursdays. We split it since I’m way faster than her. She’s a rockstar though for still swimming 3 days a week at her age! She always does the Saturday LCM (long course meters) Masters workouts also. She doesn’t usually swim Thursdays though.

I’m having more fun lately in the pool and it’s less stressful.  My short term goal is to hit a 10 KM. The other one is to hit a solid 1:40 / 100 yards for shorter workouts. Both are within reach definitely.  I started listening to some podcasts on Stitcher Radio, one which is the Effortless Swimming guy (search YouTube for his videos).  He said the same thing that Romy had said that when you get too bogged down and stressed over swimming stuff, just step back and do it for awhile with no expectations and just get your love for swimming back.  That’s kind of what I’m doing right now and it’s working. 🙂

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