Hell Froze Over – I’m moving!

Moving just keep moving
’til I don’t know what I’m saying
I’ve been moving so long
The days all feel the same

— excerpt from “Moving” by Supergrass

So yes, I’ve submitted my letter of resignation to my current employer and am moving to the Los Angeles area! It’s something that I had been considering since last summer as I’ve grown closer with my friends in the Los Angeles area. Now several months later, a lot has happened and I seriously started looking into it. Many of you don’t know, but after my friend Susie moved down there for graduate school at USC several years ago, I started visiting her on a regular basis. In the last year or so those trips have become more frequent. I have caving, canyoneering, wine drinking, and childhood friends in the Los Angeles area and used to joke that I’d have to move there in order to see all of them on a “visit.”

Yes, hell froze over. Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, one grows up with a certain disliking for LA. San Francisco means so much to me and aside from college in Ithaca, New York, San Francisco has been the only place I’ve ever lived. Its culture helped form who I am today and as sappy as it sounds, I always get a little tingly when I see it on the Departure list at airports as that’s home and always will be. Moving was a hard decision that I discussed with a few confidants and was able to resolve my issues about it. It wasn’t a choice that I made lightly.

Does this mean goodbye forever? Of course not! I still have a lot of friends and family in the Bay Area. Surprisingly, my dad may actually see me *more* after I move since he’s 5 minutes from San Jose’s airport. I’d be doing the reverse commute of flying up from LA to SF to visit everyone up here. I’m sad to leave my friends and family here, but I also know that moving is the right decision to make. Luckily since we have 3 major airports and excellent public transit, I can easily get around without a car and fly into whichever airport is more convenient for whatever I’m coming up for. With how busy my life has been lately, some of my friends here may not even notice except that I won’t be able to do anything at the last minute.

I’m also leaving one of the most gorgeous pools that I’ve ever had the pleasure of swimming in and my beloved San Mateo Masters group. I’m going to ask the head coach if he can keep me on their email list so I can keep tabs on what they’re doing. I’m also considering doing their longcourse Masters championships event next month, which if you know my swimming career, you know that I absolutely hate swim meets so this is a big deal for me! The pool is at the top of a hill with an awesome view of the Peninsula and one can actually see sunrise during morning swims. I’ve stopped swimming a couple of times because the view was so beautiful. I swam with the Masters this morning as it’s been awhile and realized how much I’m going to miss being coached by Tom. Even at 6 AM the guy is just happy to be there and so personable. He has a great memory too as he remembers the names of all 130 swimmers on our team without having to ask someone twice what his/her name is. There’s a reason why he got the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year award recently. Also means that the guy remembered he saw me 2 days ago in the gym lobby and that he hadn’t seen me in awhile (out of town, sinus infection, etc. kept me away). I’ve spent this week getting back into the swing of things though with 2 5K swims and Masters workout this morning and plan a 7K (give or take 1K) for tomorrow. I’ll be swimming either at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and/or CalTech and perhaps join a Masters team down there. I need to look into it more. RBAC’s pool that’s available during early morning and after work hours is bath temperature which I easily overheat and get dehydrated in.

I’ll be looking to move to the Pasadena area as that tends to be where I spend most of my time when I’m down there and it’s where I’ll be starting a new career opportunity. I am starting a new job as a long term contractor for Panda Restaurant Group on Monday, 24 June while continuing to interview with them for a full-time permanent position. This is a win-win situation since they need my skills ASAP and I’ve loved everything that the company and its people have to offer. They’re based in Rosemead which is just south of Pasadena.

What’s this mean for my caving career? Well, there are advantages for my work with the Western Cave Conservancy as Southern California will finally have a WCC director in the area as I do not plan on giving up my duties as Stewardship Director. I’ll still be the Windeler Cave trustee for the San Francisco Bay Chapter and fly up to lead my trip later this year along with any Windeler Cave Committee related work trips (then they’re tax-deductible too!) or WCC meetings. Since most of the caves that we cavers tend to visit are in Sequoia National Park, I’d just be as close to Lilburn, Church, Soldier’s, etc. as I am in San Francisco. I will be a lot closer to Zion National Park for canyoneering which makes me very happy!

My Lake Tahoe Crossing became less of a reality a couple of months ago. It was one thing after another which seemed to be fate saying that this just wasn’t going to happen this year. Now with moving, there’s no way it could have happened as I’ll be spending July looking for a more permanent home down there. I still need to figure out exactly where I’m going to be bunking during that time. My dad owns my current place and has been unbelievably supportive during this whole process. He will be renting it out after I move all my stuff. As Cindy (my favorite Assistant Coach with the SMM) said, Lake Tahoe isn’t going anywhere. Maybe one day I’ll finally get to do it.

I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life. Having never permanently moved away from home before, this is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but I’m confident that good things will happen with it!

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2 Responses to Hell Froze Over – I’m moving!

  1. John Miers says:

    … good for you!…

  2. Randi says:

    Sweet! And may your new home, city and your new job feel like a perfect fit!

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