Training Update

Training for the Slam The Dam is going pretty well actually. It really helps that Tom okay’ed my basic training goal (4.5 – 5 KM nonstop, hydrate, 1.5 – 2 KM nonstop) and just said to remember to be careful and pace myself. I’ve been a bit lazy this week on one hand (only swam 3 times) but each time was reaching a new barrier in my swimming.

On Tuesday I was able to do 5 KM nonstop, which took me a little over 2 hours with an average pace of 2:28 / 100 M. The important part was the 1 L of electrolyte water that I drank right afterwards before getting out of the pool. I also hyrated with .5 L before I started my swim. Sometime during the last few hundred meters, I wanted to throw up and managed not to somehow. On Wednesday the pool was set up as shortcourse and I decided to mix it up a little by doing descending intervals via 1000 yards. I didn’t intend to do descending but it was working out that way as I was getting a little faster with each one. During my 4th 1000, someone joined me in my lane (we were splitting) and he was doing 400 yard intervals. During one of his intervals he was just a bit ahead of me space-wise so I focused on trying to catch up with him. This trick actually worked as between my 3rd and 4th intervals I was almost an entire minute faster overall. 🙂 I spent my 5th 1000 as a cooldown. I really want to get my long distance times down though which I think the key to that is going to be descending intervals of a longer distance than the usual 50 – 200 y/m that one normally does during Masters practice or otherwise.

Today I pulled off 6 KM via 4500 M non-stop (except one stop to go to the bathroom), hydrate, then 1500 M non-stop. I drank 1 L of hydration before heading to the pool. Today was interesting since towards the end of the 1500 M, I thought I was just getting bored or tired and then realized that actually my dehydration point was starting to go into a critical level. I heard Jamie Patrick’s voice in my head saying that this is the time when you work through the pain as you’re going to need to remember this later. I knew that I was close to the end of my workout and that is what kept me going. I took a look at my Garmin 910 XT during a flipturn on the far end, which I don’t normally do, and was surprised to see that I was at 5950 M, meaning that this length that I was on was the absolute last one. I was so relieved since I don’t know if I could have carried on much farther since I had thought a few times of aborting the last set of this workout.

So I’ve reached my training goal at least once so far! I have 5 weeks to go until Slam The Dam which should give me plenty of time to continue working with this training workout and get it to the point where I can do it comfortably. I’m confident that I can get my body to that point.

I’m sometimes amazed at what I’m doing in my swimming. It seems to have happened so quickly. Now it’s just a part of my life like it’s always been there. I’ll never be the fastest swimmer and I’m just happy to see what I can push myself to be able to do. And have fun at the same time. 😉

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