2014 Goals

I’ve been a bit lost on 2014 goals and decided kind of randomly on this:

  • Semana Nautica (6 miles)
  • Donner Lake Crossing (2.7 miles)
  • Slam The Dam’s Super Lame (2.4 miles + 1.2 miles)
  • PacMasters Longcourse Champions (duh…whichever events including the 1500 M and possible 800 M and whatever else fits into the schedule for freestyle and backstroke since my team hosts this but may be the same weekend as Semana Nautica)
  • 1000 swim miles total)

I’m sure there are some others that will be thrown in there as well.  The 1000 swim miles will be a no-brainer since my usual set is 6100 M and I’d hit 985 miles with just doing 6100 M x 5 days a week. That wouldn’t include any of my real long distance training for the other races, especially Semana Nautice and Slam The Dam.  Donner Lake is in mid-August which is perfectly inbetween those two races so I’d plan on doing Donner Lake as a straight shot without any rest stops. Semana Nautica? Never hear of it. My friends Lynn Kubasek and Evan Morrison though recommended it when I told them that I was looking for an OWS between 10K and 15K to do. That was the first one that they both though of so sure, why not? Famous last words? We’ll see. Super excited though and I know that I can do it without any problem.

It looks like I’ll definitely hit 500 swim miles this year. Not bad for not having started counting until mid-September when I realized that I was at 250 miles!  I’m at 380-something now and with a regular workout around 4+ miles / day for the rest of the year, 500 miles is totally doable. Of course I didn’t swim today and won’t swim tomorrow or this weekend. I know how to insanely make that distance up though. I’ll be happy when my USMS Flog stops telling me to “pick up the pace” if I want to meet my goal by the end of the year.  I’m busy this weekend and next weekend I have a 5 hour swim and another 10 KM swim planned which I’m really looking forward to!  I always tell people that I’m like the Energizer Bunny.  Not fast but I keep going and going and going and going… 🙂

I’ve started forcing myself to learn bilateral breathing…even if it kills me. Seriously, I swallow half the pool when I do this. I’ve been doing bilateral breathing exercise drills during my swims to try and get comfortable with breathing on my left side.  I seem to slowly be getting used to it. I’ve considered asking my coach about this as sometimes I feel my neck crank a bit when breathing on the left.  If I can get used to it enough though to stop that, may be I won’t need Tom for this. It still feels a bit weird but whatever to keep me in the water and out of a physical therapist’s hands.  I really hate it when my neck hurts.  If I can get rid of the possibility of that then maybe there’s a chance of getting rid of my raccoon tan…not. Seriously, with advances in plastic and rubber technology, why can’t they make goggles that don’t make us look like raccoons on the loose outside of the pool? Tan lines are bad enough everywhere else and all I see when I look in the mirror is the tan lines around my eyes.  Keep in mind that I do most of my swimming in the dark / early morning too.

I saw “Driven” this past Saturday at the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association awards banquet. I love documentaries and this one was excellent! Not just saying that since I know  several people in the movie.  It really captures why we do the insane swims we do and those guys are more hardcore than I am. I was proud to be a swimmer when watching that movie. My favorite part was when Scott Zornig, current SBCSA president and OW coach, said that during his first OWS, he prayed 4 hours into it that a shark would come and eat him so he could stop the swim there and save face from having to quit.  Given his position in the OWS world now, that was very comforting that someone could go from that to being one of the leaders in the community. I am still in awe of the accomplishments of everyone features in the movie. Sometimes I wonder if the main purpose of me moving down to LA was to nurture my swimming career above everything else. My swimming and work career have flourished immensely since moving down here. I’m still waiting to see what, if any, the higher purpose was for me moving down here <i>now</i> instead of later on in life.

Swimming-wise, I of course still miss my team. With my planned goals for 2014, I’m going to ask Tom if I can work with him for 30 – 60 minutes after weekend practices to work on my strokes. He’s always to help out so I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem. I would be home in the Bay Area a handful of times before the Semana Nautica swim and really think it would benefit me to work with Tom again since I can’t on a weekly basis. Tom still makes me very proud to be part of the SMM team!  In the future if I do any real big swims, I would ask Tom if he’d be part of my crew to and he’d be one that I would trust with my life.  I’m excited at the prospect of being coached by Tom for working on my strokes!  Have I ever mentioned how awesome of a coach he is?

In the meantime though…I’ve got some 112 miles to finish cranking out before New Year’s. Still totally doable.  I ❤ endurance swimming.

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