Mental Games

Preparing mentally for my swim on Friday. Since my pool isn’t open long enough on Saturday for me to do 10 x 800 yards due to a swim meet, Jamie said to do it on Friday. For me that means doing it on Friday before work. I’ve never swam 8000 yards before, let alone anything close to that before having to go into the office for a solid 9 hours.

8000 yards. 4.5 miles. 41% of the distance that I’m aiming to swim on August 17th.

I did swim 7200 yards a few weekends ago better known as the day that I suffocated my brain (and the rest of my body) of electrolytes.

Luckily with the stops for food and hydration, I can break it down to smaller sets mentally. Even with my shorter sets, the distance seems far to me if I focus on the overall distance. This morning I did 40 x 100 yards with every 4th being backstroke. Being the nerd that I am, I broke that down into 5 x ( 2 x ( 3 x 100 yds free + 1 x 100 yds back)) with hydrating every outer set (so I hydrated 5 times total). I actually use the hydration levels as my set counter. 1 L = 4 x 250 mL and I drink 250 mL every time I stop to hydrate. That means for my 10 x 800 yds, I’ll be bringing 2.5 L with me. And food of course, which I’m giving myself 3 minute breaks which is long enough for me to drink 250 mL, chew and shallow a little bit of food, and get a little bit of rest. 3 minutes also keeps me from getting too cold just hanging around.

Only thing that sucks is that this is a reminder of what I have to give up to do these swims. Like I love hanging out with my friends Jason and Mani over in West Oakland on the weekends, but if I have to swim the next morning, I need to leave their house at a certain time to get enough sleep. This just sucks since I love spending the night (and following morning) at their place. My plan for that is to see if the stars align for when I don’t have to swim on a weekday morning and they’re available the night before so I can go and visit them for this little ritual. The other thing that I really love is making weekend breakfasts at *my* place. It’s pretty much the only time that I cook bacon and I definitely have a surplus of it in my freezer right now. One of my best friends asked about hanging out tomorrow night, but I told him that I couldn’t do it because I’ve got this swim on Friday morning and need to get to bed early. Plus since it’s my longest swim to date, I need to focus on just relaxing on Thursday night so I won’t be stressed or exhausted on Friday morning.

Tomorrow I have 80 x 50 yards with every 4th being non-free and 15 seconds rest in between. The swim team invades half the pool at 7 AM and I already checked with Cindy on what lanes will be open between Masters and the swim team. She said that Tom will be coaching Masters tomorrow and I could even check with him about getting one of the Masters lanes. I’ll just stick to the open area inbetween though that won’t be taken by Masters or the swim team so I can do my workout with minimal, if any, interruptions. The math plan for that is to hydrate every 16th 50 yards (or after every 4th time that I do backstroke). Again it breaks it down to 5 hydration times. Sure as hell beats trying to count to 80. Why yes, that is why I have a math minor from college so I can figure crap like this out. My parents must be so proud! 😉

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