Know When To Abort

Workouts this week have been relatively easy yardage-wise, but intensive time-wise.  Each workout have given times to do my intervals (known as “send offs”) which Jamie said to pay attention to.  Started out great with Wednesday’s 20 x 100 yds on the 2:00 (6 of them were on the 1:55…oops?) and 20 x 50 yds on the 0:55 (which was assigned a 1:00, but I discovered that I shaved off a whole 5 seconds on my 50 yds time and sustained it for all 20 so I guess that’s my current time for that! Yah!).  Thursday’s workout was 4 x 800 yds on the 17:00, which the first 3 ended up on the 16:30 and the last one was exactly 17:00.  Last one was slower as I noticed a few times where I wasn’t rotating my hips as much as I should.  Glad I can recognize that now! I really have been focusing on hip-driven swimming this week.  Speaking of which…

That brings us to today.  Normally I’d still be at the pool right now instead of on my couch with 2 ice packs and a cup of Cocoa Winters (really the only hot chocolate I drink and it’s “comfort food” for me as we used to have it at my grandparents’ house in Lima).  Today’s workout was supposed to be 8 x 400 yds on the 8:00.  The first 2 were fine although had a developing headache already even though I loaded electrolytes at least a half hour before I started.  I started my 3rd 400 yds and after 100 yds, my left hip started aching and wouldn’t go away. I stopped at the 200 yds mark to evaluate. It didn’t hurt while hanging onto the side of the pool.  I started again taking it easy to see what was up.  Within the first 50 yds, I knew this pain wasn’t going away.  Given the pain I had 2 Mondays ago and a quick text conversation with Jamie back then, I had promised that I’d abort workouts if either of my hips are in pain.  F***.  So yeah, 1050 yrds into a 3200 yds workout (yes, I was just getting warmed up as 3200 yards is short for me), I was out of the pool.  Good thing too as I was having pain just standing in the locker room trying to text Jamie about it.  Couldn’t wait to get to this couch with a couple of ice packs.

Some people have asked me if my occasional hip pain means anything. I’d asked my surgeon previously, and he said not this far post-surgery. They actually don’t know why it happens sometimes and not others under the same conditions.  I’m not alarmed by it, but I’m also trying to avoid taking any painkillers or anti-inflammatories.  Given the nature of my surgeries, there’s no un-doing what he did as that’s solid bone.  It’s an advantage of having refurbished OEM parts instead of surgical replacement or anything due to injuries.

Arg!  Live to swim another day though.

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